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Windshield Repair & Replacement Services

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Our trained glass technicians do the job right to ensure your safety on the road.


We can repair minor chips in your windshield, as well as replace windshield wiper blades.


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Mobile Service (We Come To You!)

When we say, we are a call away from straightening out all your auto glass issues, we really do mean it as it would take a single phone call to bring one of our technicians to you to get your glass repaired on site.

Our mobile service is tailored to suit your needs, we would meet you wherever you are and at whatever time you wish. Several clients can testify to the goodness of our mobile service. In a very short while, our technicians come on-site and bring to you the most quality service done to the highest professional standards. We know you have important things to do and we do not want to hinder the activities of your day by insisting you bring the problem to us, instead, we would bring the service to you and If you have issues heading down to us for whatever reason, this option is just right for you and we can guarantee that in a few hours, your glass would be as good as new and you can then plow the roads without a care in the world. We do not charge extra fees for our mobile service as we would not want the extra cost to hinder you from getting the best quality service. Give us a call whenever you wish to, we would be waiting.

Fleet Service
Our fleet service is one of a kind and takes great care and preciseness in caring and repairing auto glass brought to us. Large transport corporations always require clear and undamaged windshield to help them carry out their activities safely and more conveniently, we at expert auto glass share in their goal and ensure that we repair and replace your autoglass with the highest level of professionalism and with the very best of equipment matching the Original Equipment Manufacturer standard. Our fleet services are also subsidized based on the number of vehicles that require tending to. Large companies have trusted us with the great task of keeping their auto glass at top notch quality and we have never failed to deliver, we have far exceeded their expectations and we can do the same for you.

Auto Glass Repair

Questions? Call us today (604) 809-9709

The auto glass of vehicles is an indispensable part of vehicles and as such, they need to be treated with great care. However careful you treat them, unprecedented events occur and if you are looking for the right place to get your worries laid to rest, expert auto glass is your one-stop-shop. We pride ourselves in the fixing/repairing of windshield chips, replacement of windshield as well as tinting of windows- whatever the problem, we’ll handle it.

A tiny chink in your auto glass comes with serious ramifications and your regular auto glass shop might take too long to get it fixed but here at expert auto glass, your needs are our needs and we would always see to it that you leave us with nothing more than a smile on your face and durable auto glass.

We use only the best equipment for your auto glass issues to ensure that if there are replacements made, the replaced glass would just be as durable and strong as the original one. Our equipment is sourced from Original Equipment Manufacturer and so we can guarantee that you would only get quality from us. With expert auto glass, you can be sure to get affordable and quality service all in very little time. It’s a guarantee!

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