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How long do windscreen wiper blades last?

The wiper blade should be changed approximately every 12 months, depending on how often it is used and the harshness of the conditions

To ensure your wipers perform at their best, make sure you replace them once you spot any deterioration in performance that could reduce your visibility through your windscreen.


Stripes and Streaks

In the event that you can see streaks and lines on your windshield from your wipers like a paintbrush with missing bristles, it’s time to replace them. This can be caused by pollution, dirt and insects tearing the wiper rubber.


Unwiped Section

When your wiper blades are old and ineffective, it may not be possible to clean your windscreen completely, leaving uncleaned sections that may impair your visibility. This can be caused by a bent tension strip or deformed wiper blade due to long-term resting in the parked position in high temperatures.


Cross Beam

In the event that your windscreen is covered with large smears after cleaning, your wiper blades may be missing large portions of their rubber – a sure sign that your wipers need to be replaced. As a result, the wiper blade frames can become corroded and play excessively via mechanical wear and corrosion and environmental influences.


Rattle and Flutter

An annoying rattling sound or wipers that only clean in vertical lines are clear signs that your windscreen wiper blades need to be replaced. This is a result of exposed wiper rubber to the elements like oxygen and UV rays, the chemical structure is destroyed, which results in cracks and tears.

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